For research into Lean and Six Sigma and Lean in Higher Education:

The International Conference for Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education  

This conference attracts people from around the world, and presents cutting edge research into how primarily Six Sigma, but also Lean, are impacting the delivery of Higher Education.
Great if you're a researcher interesting in finding out the state of play of Six Sigma in HE, or getting an insight into leading thinking around Six Sigma and lean, in a University context.
While primarily aimed at the research agenda, elements of this conference are aimed to support people in practical implementation of Six Sigma, and lean.
For those involved in teaching people about Lean: 

The Lean Educator Conference Europe

The European Lean Educator Conference provides a platform for trainers, coaches, professors and teachers from industry, academia and government organizations to share their knowledge and experiences and learn from one another. In 2017 it will be at AN University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, from 7 - 10 November 2017.
The European Lean Educator Conference is dedicated to fostering exchange within academia as well as between education and industry, which we believe is especially important.

The Lean Educator Conference USA
This annual conference series focuses on the best practice for people teaching Lean; how to design a pedagogy to support people to best learn lean principles; and help advance lean education for the future workforce.
Great to attend if you are a teacher, educator or leader looking to understand best practices in engaging people in understanding lean.
For those practising Lean in Higher Education:

Lean HE International Conference

Our annual international conference, bringing together people applying lean in universities (in everything that they do), to learn and improve our approaches.

Our annual event is held at the very end of October and the beginning of November.

We host the conference alternating years between a host in Europe and further afield, with the aim of developing an international network.