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A number of regional groups have been established.
  • UK (South) 
  • UK (North & Midlands)
  • UK (Scotland) 
  • Poland 
  • Netherlands and Belgium
Emerging networks:
  • Nordic 
  • Ireland


We continue to shape the Lean HE Europe Committee. Please do get in contact with our Lean HE Europe Chairperson, John Hogg (john.hogg@strath.ac.uk) if you would be interested in joining the Lean HE Europe Continental Division.

We are producing a business model canvas to give an overview of the work of the group.

Watch this space for information on the next Steering Committee meeting.

Lean HE North and Midlands Seminar – Save The Date!

posted 10 Dec 2019, 04:51 by Katie Wall

Dear Colleagues,


The next Lean HE North and Midlands seminar will be hosted by The University of Liverpool.


Date: Thursday 12th March 2020

Location: University of Liverpool

Theme: HE meets TOYOTA: What one sector can learn from another


Learning from other sectors can be a highly successful way of enabling positive change and what better way to do this than learning from the leading lean exemplar TOYOTA.


On the day, we will be hearing from a senior manager from TOYOTA and we want to ensure that you get the most out of this opportunity. If you have any thoughts about the insights you would like to get out of the day, please just let us know by emailing: Process.Improve@liverpool.ac.uk.


We will provide further details regarding booking and the agenda for the day in the New Year. If you have any queries in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to hearing from you!


With kind regards,


University of Liverpool on behalf of Lean HE North and Midlands

Lean HE Europe @ the Lean HE International Conference, Michigan

posted 15 Nov 2019, 03:17 by John Hogg   [ updated 24 Jan 2020, 02:32 ]

A meeting of the Lean HE Europe Steering Committee took place on Friday 8th November in the wonderful surroundings of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. We met at the beginning of day 3 of the Lean HE International Conference. During the meeting we discussed our initial plans for helping us to achieve our objectives for 2020. Our Objectives are:
  • Continue to promote Lean activities across the European Division
  • Build the network through identification and engagement of other European counties and universities not currently involved with Lean HE;
  • Support local networks
  • Facilitate and encourage the optimal use of technology and social media to support and develop the work of the Division;
  • Focus on both academic and practitioner activities and audiences
  • Lean HE International Conference in 2021 - provide support to the host institution for the as they begin their early preparations 
If you'd like to hear more about this or would like to join the Lean HE Europe Continental Division, please get in touch at john.hogg@strath.ac.uk 

LeanHE-England event - bookings now open!!

posted 2 Aug 2019, 02:40 by Katie Wall

We're pleased and excited to let you know that bookings are now open for the first joint event of the regional groups, Lean HE North and Midlands, and Lean HE London and South


Date: Wednesday September 4th 2019

Location: University of Cambridge

Theme: Developing a CI Community


This interactive event will combine practical workshop sessions, informative talks and networking opportunities to explore themes related to developing a CI community in a Higher Education setting. Suitable for practitioners, leaders or anyone with an interest in Lean or continuous improvement, the event will be an opportunity to learn and share with like-minded colleagues.


Follow this link to find full details and register your place: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lean-in-he-developing-a-ci-community-tickets-66998051977?utm_term=eventurl_text


Feel free to share this link with colleagues - you do not need to be a member of either group to come along - if you've got an interest in Lean or continuous improvement then we'd love to meet you!

Lean in HE seminar - save the date!

posted 14 Jun 2019, 07:54 by Katie Wall   [ updated 14 Jun 2019, 07:57 ]

Dear colleagues -


The next Lean in HE seminar will be a joint event between two of our regional groups, Lean HE North and Midlands, and Lean HE London and South.


Date: Wednesday September 4th 2019

Location: University of Cambridge

Theme: Developing a CI Community


Further details regarding booking will be announced shortly. 


We would like to hear from anyone who has an interesting lean tool or game that they would be willing to demonstrate - ideally something that can be showcased with small groups in an informal 30-40 minute session.


Please send expressions of interest including brief details of what the tool or technique is, which aspect of Lean it addresses and who the audience would be. Expressions of interest to be sent to Lucy Price by 30 June.


We look forward to reading your submissions.


With kind regards

Lean HE North and Midlands, and Lean HE London and South 

Exploring Demand and Capacity in HE - Lean North & Midlands group

posted 16 May 2019, 07:41 by Katie Wall

Newcastle University hosted a networking seminar on 12th February 2019.  The theme for the seminar was Exploring Demand & Capacity in HE and examples were shared of how demand and capacity thinking had been applied.


After an overview about the work of the Change Team and approach to business process improvement at Newcastle University, 3 case studies were presented where teams had been supported to deliver their services more effectively through a better understanding about the demand for their services and their capacity to deliver to customer needs.  Various tools and templates were shared including a demand and capacity template, activity trackers and prioritisation matrix. 


Participants discussed how they could use these tools and shared examples of how they had applied demand and capacity thinking and the tools they had used.  We rounded off the day with cake and further networking.

For further information about seminars hosted by the North and Midlands group please subscribe to the mailing list - details at the top of the page.

The 5th Seminar Lean Higher Education for Polish universities

posted 15 Mar 2019, 08:36 by John Hogg

On the 20th of February Dr. Justyna Maciąg organised the 5th LHE Seminar for Polish universities. The topic of the Seminar was: Towards continuous improvement culture – how to implement the process approach and Lean Management, and sustain a change in HEIs?

On the meeting, the attendees discussed experiences and issues related to the organisational, technical and cultural aspects of implementing the process approach and Lean Management. They agreed that the main barriers in changing the Polish HEIs are: the collegiate and bureaucratic model of management which strongly influences the leadership, and also lack of appropriate change management.  The Polish sector of HE is under reconstruction, the new Higher Education Act has a great impact on the organisational sphere in universities. We are looking for new methods and tools for successful change. Lean Management seems to be a useful approach to change HEIs in Poland.

The seminar highlighted that there is a growing number of universities which are interested in Lean Management. 60 participants from 13 universities took part in the 5th Seminar. The feedback from participants was very positive. They underlined the strong practical approach, good practices and examples, also the possibility of networking. They pointed out that they have got a lot of energy and ideas on how to change the place of their work. 

The next Seminar is planned for September 2019 in Technical University in Wroclaw. The Seminar LHE is becoming one of the most important events for managers in Polish HEIs, who are involved in Process Management and Lean Management. Justyna and her colleagues are going to constitute the Polish LHE network and create the groups in social media (FB, LinkedIn).

The link to the web site of Polish LHE network https://isp.uj.edu.pl/nauka/projekty/projekty-w-trakcie-realizacji/lean-higher-education 

Lean Culture in Higher Education - Towards Continuous Improvement

posted 15 Mar 2019, 08:31 by John Hogg

Our Lean HE Europe colleague Justyna Maciag has recently published a book titled "Lean Culture in Higher Education - Towards Continuous Improvement". 

The objective of this book is to present the results of Justyna's research in the form of an original Lean culture model and a tool based on this model and used to examine Lean culture maturity in higher education institutions. It is difficult to assess changes taking place in organizational culture. Such assessment requires going beyond the traditional functionalist research perspective and adopting a new research approach based on the interpretative-symbolic paradigm. This makes it possible to broaden research on Lean culture with the humanistic perspective. 

The execution of Justyna's research project would have been impossible without support of the members of the international network LeanHE network, in particular Rachel McAssey formerly of the University of Sheffield; Steve Yorkstone from Edinburgh Napier University; Marilyn Thompson and Kimberley Snage from University of Waterloo; Dr Tammi Sinha from University of Winchester; Svein Are Tjeldnes from Arctic University of Norway; José Franken from University of Twente; and Mr Vincent Wiegel from HAN University of Applied Sciences. 

Over the last 12 months participants of the Midlands and North Group have been busy sharing and learning…

posted 15 Oct 2018, 05:21 by Gretel Stonebridge   [ updated 17 Oct 2018, 01:01 ]

In November 2017 Sheffield Hallam hosted a seminar on Continuous Improvement: A journey from inception to reality in 18 months. It consisted of a presentation about SHU’s journey to develop their Continuous Improvement Service, with an interactive workshop element that showcased a couple of tools and techniques that SHU have found work really well for their service.

In March 2018 University of Leicester ran a session: Communications and Visibility - What's the Best Approach for Continuous Improvement/Lean Teams? The event was introduced by Professor Zoe Radnor and she talked about the importance of Lean/CI Teams to tell the story again...and again... and again... The outcome we overwhelmingly agreed with her and that we get known for what we have done not what we can do!

In July 2018 Leeds hosted a seminar: Exploring Lean Competencies in Higher Education. At this session we explored the “anatomy” of a Lean Practitioner and discussed a development journey for someone working in continuous improvement/lean.

On November 7, hosted by the University of Leeds, the Group is contributing to the UK Study Tour for colleagues involved in Lean/Continuous Improvement  in international institutions. One of the themes we will be unpacking is sharing the varied approaches some of the UK universities have and then all have a discussion to share successes and learning on how to embed approaches in organisations. It will be interesting to hear whether there are marked differences or similarities.

Lean HE (UK) North & Midlands Group - Exploring Demand and Capacity in Higher Education

posted 15 Oct 2018, 04:56 by Gretel Stonebridge   [ updated 9 Jan 2019, 04:33 ]

The next networking event will be held on  Tuesday 12th February 2019 at Newcastle University. The theme for this event is Demand and Capacity and will explore how the principles can be applied within Higher Education. The event will include case studies and interactive discussion which will draw on the knowledge and expertise of participants.

The event will start with lunch at 12 noon and end at 3 p.m. with a further chance to network.  To book a place please click https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-he-uknorth-midlands-networking-group-exploring-demand-and-capacity-in-he-tickets-53344861918

If you  have any queries please contact hilary.whitaker@newcastle.ac.uk.


posted 31 Jul 2018, 05:25 by Gretel Stonebridge

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